The University of Edinburgh’s Scotland-Russia: Cultural Encounters since 1900 Project has created this website, aimed at students, researchers and the general public, to provide a digital gateway to previously unavailable or dispersed cultural materials dealing with Scottish-Russian relations. The online Archive is divided into five sections: Arts, Literature, History & Politics, Resources and New Translations, and gathers together an extensive array of texts, images, websites, recordings and films.

Highlights include a series of specially commissioned translations of articles on Scotland from pre-revolutionary and Soviet-era periodicals; a photographic exhibition of Russian theatre in performance; portions of the BBC Radio Scotland documentary about the Scots in Russia; specially digitised books; a wide selection of scholarly and primary texts dealing with Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle and other Scottish writers in Russia; and a special issue of Studies in Scottish Literature. We are always looking for more materials to display: please Contact Us with suggestions.